Oslo Midsummer Open

Oslo Midsummer Open 20-21/6-2020 at Bislett Stadium, Oslo (QR-code)

FITA-1440 and WA-720 with finals

Oslo Archery Club (Oslo Bueskyttere) are truly sorry to annonunce that the planned competition for Midsummer 2020 is cancelled

With better time to plan we hope to realize the first installment of the Oslo Midsummer Open at Bislett Stadium in 2021

FITA 1440 on Saturday 20/6

WA-720 with finals on Sunday 21/6

Open for the following divisions: Compound, Olympic Recurve, Barebow, Instinctive Bow and Longbow.

FITA 1440-round

Classes and distances
Class\Distance 90-70-50-30 70-60-50-30 60-50-40-30 50-40-30-20 40-30-25-20
R & C
Men Senior & Junior
R & C
Women Senior & Junior
Men Masters & Cadets
R & C
Women Masters & Cadets
Senior, Junior & Cadets
Senior, Junior & Cadets

(X) - R & C Women Senior/Junior can choose to shoot 90-50-70-30. - Must be informed upon registration.

Details on registration and entry fee and payment corresponding deadlines to be announced.

For questions please use stevne@oslobueskyttere.no